Past Projects

American Express at Ground Zero

The American Express building at Ground Zero was the toughest recycling and salvage job DiBello Recycling has ever undertaken. The 32-story office building was damaged after the horrific events of September 11th and was slated for a complete interior demolition. DiBello was called in to evaluate the condition of the Office Equipment, Phone Equipment, Computer Equipment, Raised Flooring, Carpeting and Ceiling Tiles, and the possibility of recycling as much as we could. Working with an asbestos contractor, we discovered that the first floor along with the mezzanine area was partially contaminated and needed to be sanitized. The rest of the building could be recycled and hundreds of tons of material was saved from a landfill. In addition to building materials such as Wire, Carpeting, Ceiling Tiles, Raised Flooring, and Shelving, DiBello recycled 45 trailer loads of Office Furniture and Phone Systems. The net savings for the demolition, labor carting and land fill dumping fees was over $600,000; the impact to the environment: priceless. After the project, DiBello, along with the demolition company, proudly donated money and equipment to the New York Heroes Fund and the New York City Fire Department.

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Merck Pharmaceutical Corporation

Merck contacted DiBello Recycling to evaluate a recycling project involving several of Merck’s plants in New York State, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. After viewing the three primary plants Merck wanted serviced, DiBello determined that we could successfully recycle 100% of all laboratory equipment, warehouse equipment, and packaging lines slated for removal. DiBello was given 2 months to dismantle all equipment and recycle the lot. Hundreds of desks, chairs, filing cabinets, racking, conveyor systems, phone systems, electrical equipment, packaging machines, generators, computer equipment were sorted, sold, donated and recycled. Nothing from the three plants went to a landfill, and 275,000 sq ft of space was cleared, resulting in a savings of $430,000 to Merck.

Tommy Hilfiger

DiBello has recycled, installed and designed three Tommy Hilfiger warehouses (approximately 750,000 sq ft) in the New York / Metropolitan area. We have recycled hundreds of sections of pallet racking, conveyor systems, office furniture, and a myriad of other warehouse equipment for Tommy. Over the course of our affiliation, DiBello has saved Tommy Hilfiger over $500,000 in disposal fees and cost of removal.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin wanted a complete solution for the recycling of their 1,200,000 square-foot plant in Great Neck, New York. The plant was originally built in the early 1930′s to address America’s growing need for defense products. While touring the plant, DiBello found that the building had, for decades, been collecting old machinery, aged office equipment, computer flooring, construction materials and laboratory equipment used by the U.S. Military during wartime. After our evaluation, it was decided that DiBello could recycle approximately 80% of the items in need of removal: two-thousand desks, three-thousand chairs, forty-thousand feet of carpeting, forty thousand feet of raised flooring, one-hundred tons of old machinery, and tons of building equipment. DiBello estimated a recycling total of more than one-hundred forty-yard containers, resulting in savings of $700,000 for Lockheed Martin.

BASF Corp.

BASF Corp. asked DiBello to evaluate the possibility of recycling its plant in Bloomfield New Jersey. After inspecting the plant, we made a successful proposal to BASF for the removal of its offices, warehousing and laboratory facilities. DiBello was given a time frame of four months to complete the recycling of 100,000 sq ft of labs, 80,000 sq ft of offices and 75,000 sq ft of warehousing. In less than 60 days, we recycled, re-marketed, and donated all of the fixtures contained in the Bloomfield plant at no cost to BASF. Nothing from the 255,000 sq ft facility was added to any landfill. The savings to B.A.S.F. was $425,000 in labor and carting fees.

Food Fair Corporation

While working for Conrail in Philadelphia, DiBello was approached by the Food Fair Corp. to help determine the cost of recycling their offices in Philadelphia and New York. We inventoried the contents of Food Fair’s 10 story office building in Philadelphia and its six floors of rental space in New York. We determined we could save Food Fair the cost of removing and disposing of the entire contents of the combined 16 floors in the two cities. This amounted to a $325,000 savings for Food Fair. DiBello recycled, re-marketed, and donated the complete contents of the 525,000 sq ft space for Food Fair at no cost. We were able to recycle office furniture, along with shelving, communication equipment, and print shop equipment were all recycled. No items were deposited into any landfill.

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