Our History

Almost a Century of Commitment to Recycling and the Environment

George Delmarmo

DiBello & Daughters Recycling is an 85-year-old asset recovery and recycling company that was started by my grandfather, George Delmarmo, an Italian immigrant who helped invent many of the recycling techniques that are used today, in 1927. Our three generations of service to the New York Metropolitan area is unparalleled in the industry.

From our meager beginnings in the scrap iron business in the Meadowland area of New Jersey, to our aiding in the clean up of the tragedy of 911, DiBello has invented and nourished many of the techniques used in modern day asset recovery and recycling.

In the late 1920′s, DiBello brought some of the first crushing machines and cranes (for stacking recycled cars and engines) to America. Our partnership with the United States government during World War II allowed us to contribute to the American war effort by recycling all types of steel.

Today DiBello Recycling is at the forefront of the asset recovery and recycling industry, dealing with all types of building materials. We offer free project analysis and turn key solutions for today’s Greening of America.

Call us for a free site estimate and let us show you how you can profit from doing the right thing, not only for us, but also for the future of our planet.


-Frank DiBello, CEO

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